Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've always said, "You know you're at work when they pay you, you don't pay them." The last couple of work days have definitely been of the I wouldn't do it for free variety. After three years of staying home, just the having to get dressed part was too much like work. My morning beauty routine has mostly been basic hygiene and very comfy clothes.

Today, I have real students and teaching, but I've had to ditch my Valentines for the evening. We did our cards and gifts last night, so it should be fine. My hubby rightly pointed out that I like teaching kids lots more than the other bits of being a teacher, so hopefully tonight will be great.

My kids have been a bit cranky since all this working business started. I think they miss me! Yeah to that, but it's also occurred to me that they also be finding it a tad inconvenient to have me unavailable for my full-time services as chief cook and bottle washer. ...

No knitting, no reading, and not much else going on. Even for working part time, it's sucking up a lot of my "me" time. I'm off Friday-Monday, so we should have some time for fun then. My daughter and I are going over to the wonderful Ramona's house for a total Saturday girls night. Her house is a boy-free zone and it's so beautiful. Everything is clean and pretty and so girly. We love it there.

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Wool Winder said...

You'll get back into a routine eventually. Hang in there.