Monday, February 12, 2007

Going to Work!

I'm going in to tutor some today and it will be my first day of earning money type working in almost three years. It feel kind of good to have a job. That Protestant work ethic thing dies hard among us. I know everything I do at home for my husband and the kids is work too, but somehow I just feel more me with a job.

I may regret this if a few weeks, especially if I have a bad flare, but for now I'm happy. I got new shoes, a pretty purse, and a few new work cloths. Get this..... my old clothes were too big! Ha! That may actually be my favorite part of yesterday. M. got new shoes too. I'll take pictures when I can. Not of mine, but hers for mine look like the granny shoes you would expect a teacher with bad knees and hips to wear while standing all day.

The picture above, is one my kids took in the midst of unpacking chaos last year. They are concerned that I not forget they are my students too. When B. was little, he thought I had another family somewhere. One day, he asked me something about my "other sons" and I realized he didn't know the kids I talked about so often were my students. So, I'll be on the watch for our own teacher version of sibling rivalry.

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