Monday, February 26, 2007


I'd forgotten a number of things about working. First of all, getting dressed for work is work. I know one e-friend that gets to wear scrubs most days. Another lady from my knitting group is a pathologist and does the same. I wish teachers got to wear scrubs. I wouldn't need hose, several pairs of shoes to match outfits, several purses to match shoes........ Some people could say that I don't need to bother with those things at this job either. On the other hand, my students are coming to me after a full day at school. They're tired, their teachers are tired, their parents are tired. I decided that I should be fresh and ready to go. I need it and so do they. So now I have to do the work clothes thing again. Yuck.

I'd also forgotten about work place drama. Teachers have this going continually. Colleagues with differences, students with rivalries, parents with teachers, parents with children, parents with parents, everyone with the principal. I'd just forgotten. I remembered the teaching part really clearly, because I love that part. I even remembered the teacher/student issues that arise as part of learning. However, the adult drama I had pretty well wiped from my mind.

Today I'm tired and have a flare. I'd also forgotten what it's like to go to work during a flare. I may not have to go in today. Since it wasn't a teaching day anyway, I'm hoping I can stay home. I'm waiting for a call from another new Rheumatologist. This time, my own doctor has spoken with these folks at length about what I need and expect from them. So far, it's taken three days of waiting just to speak to someone about making an appointment. I'll call my own doctor back in a day or two if I don't hear from them.

Do you guys have prescription plans with lots of rules? We always opt. for the highest level choice was, but this year they've dropped Celebrex from our formulary making it unbelievably expensive. I'll have to find out today how we we are to proceed. Evidently there is some way to get preauthorization and it will then be charged at the highest rate i.e. $45 for a 30 day supply. I don't know if that took it out because of the newly discovered risks or because they weren't making enough money off of it.

I knit for a little while last night. Most with fat needles and easy patterns. Now I'm remembering why I knit so little for several years. It's a peaceful activity though, and I'm going to try to make time even when I'm tired and hurting. I'm way behind or blog reading and miss my pals. Something else to make time for.


Wool Winder said...

Teaching in the afternoon must be tiring anyway, just because you've already had a full day yourself.

Sharon said...

You've described some of the reasons why I'm glad I'm a retired teacher. Yes, the drama! As The School World Turns. Brave person, going back to it.