Friday, February 16, 2007

Work Adventures Con't

I finally had my first student last night. All the hassle of starting back to work, trying to reorganize our lives to allow for a few hours away from the house, having to get dressed in work clothes....

I was kind of regretting going back to being a productive member of society, but I had a student last night and was actually teaching. I had so much fun, I would have done it for free. So I'm tired, I'm flaring like crazy, and our house is a wreck, but I have a job and my student learned. I'm not down about it anymore.

Tomorrow is our charity knitting group: From The Heart of Texas.

This will only be my second meeting, but I'm really going to try and make it since I'll most likely work on some of the Saturday meetings/times. On the other hand, I'm feeling guilty about leaving the kids and husband after I already was out of the house two nights this week. It will be good when we develop a new routine and know what's going to work. In the mean time, I really had fun yesterday!

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