Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Summer Misc. and Physical Therapy

Yeah! We've had some actual summer weather for the past two days. The kids are so ready to swim. The pool is kind of sad in the cold weather. We turn the pump down to save energy, so the water isn't as pretty as it is now. The dog's been in twice. I suppose that's the benefit of swimming in a fur coat. It will be great to have some exercise that doesn't pound my joints.

I have been going to physical therapy for three weeks now. I don't like the PT at all but have figured it's a short term relationship, and her work seems fine. She just hasn't been someone who appeals to me personally. The last session was the worst yet. She has asked me questions about teaching and why we home school our kids every time I see her. The kids usually come with me and do their work in the waiting room. At first I was patient with her curiosity, but after the first couple of times, it has felt sort of intrusive.

Monday she asked, not for the first time, why we home school. I didn't have anything new to tell her but tried to be polite. She said she thought the public schools were terrible and launched into a story about her neighbor, a high school teacher. It seems the woman has two lesbian students who are dating and sought out this teacher to talk with. The teacher, from what the PT says, told the students they had the same rights and should be treated the same as anyone else in the high school. She then suggested that they be careful to obey all school rules about public displays of affection as someone might use a breach of those rules to single them out.

My PT was furious at what she heard and said it confirmed her bad opinion of public schools. For awhile I thought she was wanting the high school teacher to do more to help the girls. But, no. She wanted the teacher to "report" them to the principal, their parents, etc. The PT thinks they should not be "allowed" to be lesbians. Well crap. In my head I was thinking how nice it would be to turn around and slap the woman right on the mouth. Not allowed?????????? But she has her hands on my neck right at the moment, and I was pretty sure I'd be the one injured if I tried to jump her.

I finally told her that I didn't know a single high school teacher that would ever out a student, and any that did should be fired on the spot. I said the teacher must be doing a pretty good job for these kids to seek her out to trust and confide in, and she had to honor their trust. It's sad she had to warn them about displays of affection, but probably realistic. I ended up telling the PT that she should go to the waiting room and tell my kids they were "forbidden" from being gay and see what happens. "Oh," she says, "You're one of those moms."

So I'm wondering if I should have fired the PT on the spot. She's on my insurance plan and has done a decent job restoring some range of motion in my neck. But I dislike this woman intensely now, and the thought of having her put her hands on me again creeps me out. I don't think the insurance would let me go out of network because the PT is a big fat homophobic b*&%h. I've made it clear where I stand, so hopefully she will keep her horrible mouth shut. But really, I'm thinking she must not like any women very much. She thinks her neighbor, the teacher, is some kind of pervert for not outing those kids, and she thinks the two girls should be removed from school for being lesbians. That doesn't strike me as being female friendly. It's so ironic that I insisted on a female PT. I'm afraid I used up my one opt out when I asked for a woman, plus she's the only PT in the practice anyway.

Well, I have till Friday to decide if I'm going back. I've been talking to the insurance company about arranging for a home traction device that would greatly reduce my need for PT. In the mean time, it's summer! Blue bonnets, swimming pools, and sitting in the yard with a good book. Lots to look forward to.

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PJ said...

Sounds to me to be VERY unprofessional...wonder how many lesbians she's 'worked on'? Regardless of position (homeschooling, who people love, etc.) she is in a position where she should NOT be discussing any of it. I'd report her! I mean we are talking a PT not a massage therapy...a supposedly licensed/educated person -of course, that doesn't prove anything, but has more to lose and should be more professional in conversation!