Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elections Today!

Thinking of all you guys in Pennsylvania today. I'm glad the race has stayed competitive long enough for your votes to make a difference. Here in Texas we are having serious discussions about how to handle national primaries in the future. I can't helped but feel like Florida and Michigan voters have really been treated badly too. Most of them had no choice on when their elections would happen and now their votes don't count. Hopefully we will all learn from this and find a equitable way for every state's votes to matter.

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cj said...

Found you through BTT, which is cool. I love the picture of the dog wearing the scarf.

But, my idea about all these primaries is to stop this nonsense by having ONE primary day - every state holds its primary, caucus, whatever on the same day. Then, the parties sort things out. If there's no clear 'winner' that's what the conventions are for - to hash it out and pick the candidate.

I'd also be for a limited campaign 'season'. Two years of campaigning is insane.


Mountaingirl said...

We don't have primaries at all - just turn up on election day and vote. Mind you we elect a party not a President so we have it easier in that regard.

What I do admire is when people actually get out and vote! So much apathy from people who don't make the effort. And I believe that every vote does count - although one Primary day would get it all over and done with in one foul swoop :-)