Monday, April 07, 2008

End of PT and a Musical Summer

I fired the PT on Friday. It wasn't a huge deal, since she already knew she had really put her foot in her mouth. The final decision came after I heard what the kids had to say. Bill and I agreed it will be worth it to pay an out of network co-pay rather than send a message to the kids that we would tolerate that kind of bigotry. PJ, you were so right. It comes down to a profound lack of professionalism. Billy said, "Everyone has someone they love that's gay. Doesn't she know that?" For a boy, he can be quite profound. My children are, upon occasion, quite remarkable.

I'm doing better and have loads of stuff to write about. The summer is coming and we have tons of great stuff planned. The Police will be here in concert next month and George Michael in July. In June my whole music class, about 250 people in all, are having a reunion. I haven't seen most of these folks in over 30 years. Most amazing of all is that all of our instructors/conductors/directors are still alive and coming too!

Ramona and I went to see Swan Lake yesterday. It was so beautiful. My last memory of going to the ballet with Bill involved him snickering through the whole production thinking it all very silly. Thank God for Ramona! Much more fun.

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Star said...

Just catching up on and your family are incredible. Really. You all give me hope.

I hope that you are able to find a PT that can help you physically and not give you any reason to report that she is being bigoted or unprofessional.

Not everyone would have made that decision. =)

On a completely unrelated note, is the title of your blog from the Buffy Musical episode? I don't know if I told you but last summer on vacation Christy and I started watching Buffy season 1. We are now 2 episodes from the finale and are so obsessed. Christy moreso than me (no surprise there.) The musical episode was so awesome and Christy bought the soundtrack (again no surprise!). I now heart Buffy!