Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok, the first and best news of the whole summer is my true love and bff, Suzanne, will be here in July for the George Michael concert. We're taking Morgan with us and going to totally rock on with one of our '80 favorites.

I've most likely told the story before, but Suzanne and I shared an office for years. Both of us work better to music, so we had a small stereo system set up in the library. When we had to work all weekend, we turned it up full blast and sang/danced to our hearts content. On one fateful Sunday afternoon, we were listening to the album, Faith. When "I Want Your Sex," came on we cranked up the stereo to the max and danced. We thought we were alone in the building, but no. At the point the Director for Medical Sciences came in, we were in the middle of a raucous hip-bump singing/dancing routine. The words "Don't you think it's time you had sex with me?" were shouted just as Dr. Poole came into view.

Since that day, "I Want Your Sex," has been our song. BFF now recalls the incident as having begun at my suggestion. I recall the rather horrendous hangover that had been entirely BFF's fault and that it was this that led to the infamous moment. I think we survived the incident, jobs intact and promotions in our future for three reasons. 1) We were by far the youngest people in the building. Virtually everyone we worked for was our father's age. 2) We were the only professional women in the building and the first professional women some of these men had ever known. I think there's a good chance they might have been afraid to ask why/how we behaved. Sort of like aliens from another planet. 3) I think Dr. Poole may have simply chosen not to believe his eyes. This was NASA and I was the chief librarian. Surly the librarian wouldn't do a Hoochie Coochie dance to a very naughty song in the middle of the library? Dr. Poole always approached me like he was talking to a nun. Maybe there just wasn't room in his universe for two rowdy 20 something librarians nursing hangovers on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, George, Suzanne, Morgan, and I are on for July. Morgan has been suitably warned that middle age unseemliness will ensue. She assures us she is incapable of embarrassment having grown up around the two of us. If you haven't watched Eli Stone, you are missing a great series. George Michael has been in about four episodes and is as wonderful as ever. The summer tour will be his first in the U.S. in 17 years. We'll take lots of pictures.

More reunion fun. My high school bff, and I got back in touch thanks to the music class reunion in June. I'm so excited. I've seen her many times since then, but haven't been in touch with most of these folks in over 30 years. Another friend posted this picture. Our reunion has a yahoo group and there's an all at war being waged to find the dumbest photos of our classmates. Linda is on the left, I'm on the right, and Cathy is in the drill team uniform kneeling. I'm going looking for my own photo albums to retaliate shortly. As friends have posted pictures, I'm continually shocked by the fact that everyone was taller than me. I don't remember being so short, but I am now so I must have been then too. It's funny what kinds of things you forget.

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Ramona said...

OMG Donna, that was a great blog post. I think the picture looks's always cool to sigh and remember when. I know you are excited about the reunion....