Sunday, September 14, 2008

Evacuation Updates -- Status your out of Houston Friends

We have been keeping up pretty well with everyone on our evacuation plan but did not inform all of our friends outside of Houston of our whereabouts. I also failed to factor in loved ones that do not use e-mail/blogs etc.

BIG MISTAKE. My dearest friend of the last 47 years, Darlene, was not on my list. She lives in Ft. Worth and has no idea how hurricane evacuations work or what plans we had in place. She left frantic messages that did not reach us and was headed to Houston this morning to try to find me. Thank God her husband delayed her rescue trip long enough for us to reach her before she got close to the mess. Darlene is one of the brightest and best women I know, but she won't use the Internet and never calls my cell. We very nearly had a serious problem just because we left someone out.

We've been able to check our voice mail from the house. Since the account is through the phone company and not tied to power in the house, we heard from several people we left off our call list. If you may have let someone fall through the cracks, check your address book and call those people before they send the national guard after you.

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