Friday, September 05, 2008

Dreading Fridays

Several months ago, my rheumatologist prescribed an injectable medication to treat my arthritis. The medication is administered with a tiny subcutaneous needle and she therefore agreed I could do it myself at home.

I've been very happy to have the option of self-injection. However, the week in, week out toll of all of those shots has started to wear on my nerves. The needle/syringe are exactly the same as those used by diabetics to administer insulin. Those folks do this more than once a day and here I am starting to complain about one little shot once a week.

The whole thing really started to freak me out two weeks ago. I had skipped two weeks because of constant migraines. Finally the rheumatologist insisted I go back to my regular schedule. The first week was fine. No more headaches than usual. The next week I was dreading the shot, dreading worse headaches, mad about the arthritis and screwed up the injection.

It really is a tiny needle. Somehow, I put it in at an odd angle and the needle and its plastic support separated from the syringe. The medication poured out all over my leg. At first, I thought I'd broken the needle off and was in hysterics. When I realized it was safely held just as it should be, I was able to remove it and clean up. I didn't have the heart to give it another try.
So, Friday is really a gloomy day today. I think I'm going to wait for Bill to get home before I poke myself.

Oh! Then I had a nice announcement from the Arthritis foundation that certain medications, mine included, may increase my risk for fatal fungal infections!!!

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Star said...

Perfect choice of song.

Self-injections are challenging, just be patient with yourself. Try to do some breathing before you even pick up the needle, then once your bosy is less tense pick up the needle and try.

I hope things brighten up soon.