Friday, September 12, 2008

Evacuation for Ike

We have evacuated to Austin very close to Henri and Suzanne. We've checked on everyone we can. Here's what we know. If you find out more or can let us know how you're doing, please leave a comment.

Everyone's cells are working if you need to reach them/us, and Bill's had a tag-up with JSC today. Short-term, we will stay in Austin and can get help from friends if we need anything. We will not try to return to the house until we know if it is habitable.

We've been watching the news and praying for the folks still in Houston. A few of our folks are part of first responder/critical services and unable to leave. Nick's grandmother is in the sheriff's office in Dickenson.

UT canceled the game with the Razorbacks and freed up several thousand beds in Austin yesterday. Gov. Perry issued orders freezing lodging costs at their lowest rates. That's saving us about $30 per night and is much appreciated. Y'all would be so proud of Texas if you could see how well everything has been managed for the evacuation. We had no problems with finding gas and the traffic was very heavy but nothing like Rita. Carol said it took about 8 hours to get to Dallas, but they left late yesterday afternoon. Even so, the road were safe.

It would be great to hear status from anyone in Houston. For some stupid reason, I can't stop crying. I'm not very upset about our personal belongings but feeling very sad about what may happen to Galveston and Clear Lake. We've heard that Galveston may be totally submerged sometime tonight. Or neighborhood could be under 15-20 feet of water. Obviously, we all love Houston, and it hurts to think of what may happen to our city. More importantly, please keep yourselves safe. Everyone is going to have a combined birthday party Saturday, 7:00 at Tomi's, God willing. Keep safe and be there. We are praying for you all.

Power/communication could go down during and after the storm. So, please leave a comment here if necessary to let us know you're OK when the storm has passed.


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Star said...

YOu are all in my thoughts. I hope you and all your friends and family stay safe.