Monday, September 24, 2007

Moths in the House


The cats found two moths in my bathroom last night. The bathroom is directly attached to the closet where the yarn lives. The moths were caught and eaten, but what do I do about the closet? Some of the yarn is in clear plastic boxes and bags, but some of it is stored in open containers. What do I do now? This is the master closet, so our clothes are here to.

Bill was all for going out and getting several gallons of mothballs. I don't want my yarn or clothes to smell and I'm worried about the cats. The kitten gets into everything and Pandora follows her to watch. I should have done something about this ages ago but kept putting it off.

Ideas anyone?

OK I'm back and have Googled. I've read that I should freeze and/or bake my yarn. Following that, I should but it in a very tight/small conainer with mothballs. Yikes! My sinus hurt just at the thought of the smell.


PJ said...

oh, my...I hear cedar does something?

Rebekah said...

Also don't jump to the conclusion they were wool moths, there are many many varities of moths, and most dno't even like wool. How big were they. If they were small, they are probably food moths.

Now for storing yarn and woolens, my particular favorite item is space bags. You vacuumn out all the air, and they stay well preserved! The wool not the moths.

Carol Ann said...

Wool moths are small--only about 1/2 inch long. But like Rebekah said, most moths aren't interested in wool. Here's some info on them:

Mothballs stink and present some health concerns. Freezing is good, if you have a sizeable deep freeze. Also, I've read that the larvae will chew through plastic bags, but not paper. So, after freezing your yarn, you could store it in paper bags that are taped closed. Makes it hard to pet the stash, tho'.