Saturday, September 29, 2007

The 25 Comment Chalenge

This is a great idea from Patrick's Place.

The idea is to give something back to all the great bloggers whoes work we enjoy. I'm guilty of reading through many of my favorite blogs without taking the time to let the writer know I appreciate his/her work. Mostly, I write to people I know through blogs or in person. The comment day is tomorrow. So, I'll be doing some writing. I hope to hear from you guys too.


PJ said...

Hi! On a good day I do this! Then I go days without doing it depending on my day :)There are some blogs I read that have 1200 subcribers and then like 35 comments...I tend not to leave comments on them so not to repeat stuff.

cj said...

I took part and managed to accomplish the assignment easily. However, I did cheat. I worked the night shift Saturday night/Sunday morning and there are about three hours of dead time early on Sunday that allow me to do pretty much whatever I want to do. I went surfing.

Thanks for your comment over at my Angry American site. You raise a very good point.


BookGal said...

I barely got it in. This is actually not one of my 25 comments. It was harder than I thought because I wanted to make relevant comments to each person. Let us know how you did.

Wool Winder said...

I enjoyed receiving your comment yesterday. I've lost touch and have some catching up to do, I see.