Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What are you giving your sweetie?

I've got nine days left to shop for a Valentine's Day gift for Bill. The kids are easy. Candy is always welcome, but I've got to shop more responsibly for poor Bill. His blood sugar was high at his last physical and we've been working to eliminate sugar from our diet. Now I have no clue what to give the man for Valentine's Day. He always thinks of something thoughtful for me, but I've been lucky that he usually wants candy and treats for his gift. He likes a really strong strong licorice and most kinds of chocolate. Also he has been a huge fan of any kind of home made baked goods. Now I have to dig deep for the first time and find something he might actually want that won't give him diabetes.

So, do any of you have ideas? He doesn't care about clothes and prefers to buy his own books. He's been walking every day, and I'm wondering if he could use a good pair of shoes. He's always been weird about wearing athletic shoes. It must be some kind of nerd fashion thing because I know lots of other rocket science types that go around in loafers with everything, including shorts. Maybe he would be open to trying a different kind of shoe for his exercise. After all, none of the other nerds would see him walking with the dog in the early morning. These guys are getting more hip all the time. It's been ages since I've seen anyone wearing a pocket protector.

I'm going to search Zappo's ... I wonder what he would think of a pair of Crocs????

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PJ said...

Like your bookshelf on the sidebar! So, a very nice commentary on what to get hubby...I have the same issue and of course two days after is our anniversary! (18th..if you are wondering :)