Friday, November 02, 2007

Creatures of the Night!!!!

My kids are still very interested in Halloween. The boy's in it for the candy and the girl because it gives her an excuse to dress up. Billy, in case you can't tell, was a pirate. His sister selected his costume for it to coordinate with hers.

Who/what is she? Well, her costume has a long back story. She's obviously a member of the evil-undead. I believe she's a 250 years old British vamp. Why is her side-kick a pirate? Well in this particular guise, she is the famous pirate, Capitan Morgan.

Their father and I are a bit confused by this continued Halloween enthusiasm. I'm pretty sure we had completely stopped participation by middle school. Morgan goes with her brother as chaperon and to be admired in her costume. Then she demands some payment in candy. We have more leftover trick-or-treat candy than Billy has in his "loot," but they still admire the door-to-door candy.

Morgan says she intends to dress-up every year forever as it's her opportunity to let the goth-girl flag fly freely. Her brother sees the clothes as a means to an end, and a way to please his sister. I only got one picture of him before he ran away, but here's a couple more of Captain Morgan. I'm a terrible photographer and they were really so cute in person.

If she ever lets me, I'd love to post some of her vampire art. She likes the look of the Menga (sp) illustrations. She tells me she going to be the next Anne Rice but may do graphic novels.......... Got to admire a girl with a goal.

Later this month, we're going to San Antonio for a Police concert. She's got a new t-shirt from Fiction Plane, the opening band, that she wanted to wear. But, she very conflicted now because she loves this Halloween outfit. I told her I'm fine either way. I'm just lucky that someone else in the family actually wants to go with me, but I draw the line at going with a creature of the night. So the fangs and white make-up stay home. She's ok with that and should fit in with this crowd either way. All of the clothes in the pictures came from her favorite store, Hot Topic, and these kids wear their stuff year-round.

(I missed Booking Through Thursday this week. Our friend Elizabeth passed away and I wasn't in the mood to write. I loved the question though and will try to make it a post in the next few days.)

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PJ said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news. I can understand why you didn't write. My kids are exactly the same way about H! You know I totally forgot to get any pictures..I just realized that. Yes, my daughter loves Hot Topic...she got a wonderful HP sweatshirt from that... (too much money, but her cousin helped her when she was here!)