Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Thought I Made This Clear

I've lived through three Texas presidents.  I've got no particular political statement to make on any of them, but I was finished with having Texans in the White House after the last one.  Not a left vs right thing.  Not a Republican vs Democrat thing. Just let's stay the heck home people.

My problem is selfish.  Starting with Lyndon Johnson, I endured years of  hearing all kinds of stuff about Texas and Texans.  We're dumb, we talk funny, we're all cowboys and on and on and on...

I therefore issued a moratorium on Texas presidents or presidential candidates for the rest of my lifetime.  I made my position clear.  Now there are two of them running around.  And what happens?  I'll tell you what happens.  I turn on the morning news to get the weather report.  Do I get it? Noooooo.  I have to wait through a whole group of people I don't know telling me what's wrong with us.  Texans are dumb, they talk funny, they're all cowboys etc.  I live here y'all.  I know we've got problems.  But I don't want to hear about them from everyone in the country.  I've done that already, THREE TIMES.  There are plenty of other southern states, western states, or whatever.  Find someone else.

Bah!  I've got to start my presidential election news blackout now.


Star said...

Some of my favorite people are Texans ;) Just not those politicians!

Donna said...

Star, you don't know the half of it. Ron Paul is the congressman from our district. He is horrid. I hate him on so many levels I can't even describe them all.

I even went down to the Galveston County Republican Headquarters and volunteered to do anything to get this fool out of the congress. Yes that's right REPUBLICAN. I've donated to his opponents, I've called anyone who would listen to me.

Bottom line on him is he has so much $$$ from out of state crazy Libertarians that he is undefeatable. It's a Republican district so there's no hope anyone from the other side will have a chance and he blows away his own party's opponents with his special interest $$$.

I call his office at least once a week to complain, call the paper, and on and on. Now there are two of them.

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