Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Space Shuttle In Our Back Yard

I've been busy and not much up for blogging in awhile. There has been more productive stuff to do, and I've been thinking of stopping this altogether. Then the kids reminded me it has been a good way to remember some of the major things happening in our lives. Since it's been two months, I won't try and catch up. Instead, here's a cool thing that happened a few days back.

We turned on the news for a quick update, and they were showing a live shot of Endeavor and its 747 ferry taking off from Ft. Worth after refueling. The most recent landing had been at Edwards due to weather at the Cape. We'd had snow the night before and had no chance for a refueling stop here. (Bill also says our airport may not be suitable anymore.) So we missed a chance to see the shuttle up close, but Morgan was optimistic anyway.

Morgan: "So how long till it gets here?"
Me: "It must not be coming, or Daddy would have told us."
Morgan: "Sure it will. How long?"
Me: "Well, it would be about 30 minutes, but we would know. Really. They'd tell us. It's sort of a big deal when we have a flyby. They'd tell us."

Morgan says nothing but checks the time. I forget all about it. We turn off the news and go back to work. Morgan hears a plane and jumps up.

Morgan: "That sounds like a big plane to me. It's flying low, too."
Me: "Oh, Morgan I told you we would know."
Morgan: "OK, then what's that out the back window?

Endeavor flew over our house 3 times. We ran outside and clapped, shouted, waved and danced. She's a beauty. And the moral of this story? Listen to your kids and look for cool things to fly by your house! Merry Christmas... ( The photos are from JSC. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to Morgan and get my camera ready.)

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PJ said...

AWESOME hubby did see it once sitting on the Eglin AFB like that. It's absolutely amazing...I know-I know the simple physics of speed, wind, and wing dynamic....but REALLY how does it get off the ground???? Nice to see a posting I left a message on your shelfari ;)