Thursday, May 03, 2007


I wrote some about my tutoring job and then got so busy with work that I couldn't post at all. Sadly I had to quit the job two weeks ago. I was having a great time with my students, but the company I was working for was not honest. It's sad, because; I had to leave my students with no warning or explanation. Once I realized what was going on all I could do is quit. The teachers aren't allowed to talk with parents, so no one is likely to ever know their kids aren't getting the help they promised. If you ever decide your children need tutoring, make sure that you hire a professional educator and are allowed to speak directly to the teacher concerning your child's progress and needs. Parents are paying thousands of dollars to essentially have their child sit for hours filling out worksheets.

On the good side, my kids are glad I'm not working, and it's finally warm enough to swim. It's been great to use the pool and have a great time with the kids and the poodle.


Star said...

I am so sorry it didn't work out! I know you enjoyed working with the kids. It is sad that it was out of your hands.

Thinking of you...Michelle

PJ said...

Oh, hon, this is so sad for you I know.. That just really isn't putting the kids first and if anything sounds like a $ thing for the 'company' sad! I just know you did the best thing and I know this all must be very emotional for you. {{hugs}} glad 'we' got you back, too ;) I was thinking of you all today and was going to email you...and will do so tomorrow!